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How often should I brush my teeth?

How often should I brush my teeth?

Brushing the teeth is a vital part of the dental hygiene regime. It is the most practiced dental habit known to effectively protect the teeth from various dental diseases.  The dentists of Sugar Land Dental have detailed the best method of brushing the teeth.

How many times should you brush your teeth?

If you have been brushing your teeth twice a day regularly,  you have been following an ideal routine of brushing. Brushing in the morning after sleep and brushing before bedtime is considered suitable for dental hygiene. Brushing in the morning help to get rid of the bacteria that has spread during sleep. It also washes out bad breath. The process boosts saliva production in the mouth. 

Brushing the teeth at night helps to get rid of the debris left over from the consumption of food. It removes the yellowish layer on the teeth. The routine helps to reduce the buildup of bacteria in the mouth during sleep. 

What is the correct technique for holding the brush?

While brushing the teeth twice a day is crucial for dental health, it is also essential to brush the teeth with the proper method. The toothbrush must be held at a 45-degree angle and should be moved back and forth to remove the plaque and debris on the teeth. This motion takes place in circles. The inner surfaces of the teeth should be brushed to remove the dirt on them. Most dentists advise people to teeth for three minutes. 


Brushing the teeth twice every day is an excellent practice that keeps the mouth away from several dental diseases. Alongside brushing, scraping the tongue and flossing the teeth are equally important to keep the mouth clean. Some patients may also require an extra step of using mouthwash to keep the mouth fresh. 

An expert dentist is the best guide to give better insight into the right method of brushing the teeth and keeping the mouth clean. They also provide tips that help choose the ideal toothbrush and toothpaste that best suits a person.   

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