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How Often Should You Get a Dental Checkup?

How Often Should You Get a Dental Checkup?

A dental checkup allows your dentist to examine your teeth, mouth, gums, and jaws for any signs of disease or other problems. Dental checkups also help your dentist plan future treatments or procedures. Here is what you need to learn about dental checkups.

What Is A Dental Checkup?

Teeth cleanings, also called teeth cleanings or dental checkups, are routine appointments with your dentist and dental hygienist that help prevent cavities and gum disease. During a dental checkup, our dentists will remove plaque buildup from your teeth, polish them to remove stains, and even apply fluoride to strengthen your enamel. Regular teeth cleaning and screening exams are an important part of preventative dentistry – the practice of caring for your teeth to keep them healthy.

What Are The Benefits of A Dental Checkup?

Dental checkups are important because they allow the dentist to detect any potential problems early, securing your smile's health and preventing costly procedures down the road. During your visit, your dentist will check for any symptoms, including tooth decay and gum disease. The dentist will also look for signs of oral cancer, such as unusual bumps or lesions that could indicate cancer. Your dentist will also review your x-rays from your previous visit to see if there is any new decay that needs treatment. Finally, your dentist will discuss appropriate oral hygiene practices with you to help you maintain good oral health in-between visits.

How Often Should You Do A Dental Checkup?

The American Dental Association recommends that patients receive professional teeth cleanings and oral exams at least twice a year. If you have a history of gum disease or other tooth problems, your dentist may recommend more frequent visits. If you've noticed signs of decay or gum disease, we might recommend more frequent visits to prevent the progression of the disease. During your biannual appointments, we'll provide cleanings and perform x-rays to look for any signs of disease in your teeth. If we notice that you have any symptoms or specific risk factors for a disease, we may recommend that you visit us more frequently so that we can keep an eye on the area and catch any problems early before they turn into something more serious. We'll also check your gums for signs of inflammation and recession, as well as remove any plaque buildup that has accumulated since your last appointment.

What Happens During A Dental Checkup Appointment?

During routine teeth cleaning at our dentist's office, we will thoroughly clean your teeth and examine them for signs of damage such as tooth decay or periodontal disease. We will also screen you for oral cancer to ensure that any issues are detected and treated early. As part of a comprehensive exam, we may also take X-rays of your mouth to gain a comprehensive view of your oral health. X-rays can help our dentists to find issues such as impacted teeth and jawbone deterioration, which can indicate potential future tooth loss. If we find an issue during a routine inspection, we can begin treatment right away to help avoid more damage to your teeth and restore their function.

In addition to looking for signs and symptoms of disease, we will also perform a thorough oral cancer screening during every visit. Oral cancer is a very serious disease and can be deadly if not caught early enough. Since alcohol can dry out your mouth and cause irritation, people who drink alcohol regularly are at a much higher risk of developing oral cancer than those who don't drink at all. During your routine checkup, we'll carefully examine your entire oral cavity for any growths or abnormal changes that may indicate the presence of cancer.

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